How To Find A Pet-Friendly Home

Owning a pet can be more difficult than you might think when it comes to finding a pet-friendly house. The truth of the matter is a lot of rentals that are intended to be pet-friendly are sub-standard or in very poor condition, because of the landlord’s

So where should you take your furry friend? No need to despair, there are still ways of finding an apartment that is just right for both you and your pet; you just need to have a lot of patience and follow some tips.

The reason most landlords refuse the presence of dogs or cats into their apartments is the fact that they want to protect their investments as much as they can. But of course you, as a tenant, want only the best, so you see how the problems arise.

The main reasons why landlords tend to refuse to allow renters with pets are usually the damages caused by pets or the noise they make. But there are ways of changing your future landlord’s mind.

You can start by creating a resume for your hairy friend, so you can prove to your landlord you are a responsible pet owner. Write down any socialization classes your dog might have taken, or any volunteer work he might have done, all the veterinarians’ references, dog trainers, previous neighbors and even landlords.

Prove to your landlord that your pet has an up-to-date vaccination record and that he is healthy. It would be of great help to also include your description as a pet owner.

You can also take your future possible landlord to your current residence and show him your home is nice and clean. Tell him you will take a week off from work and work on your pet’s adjustment in the new home.

Make sure you get permission for all kinds of pets you might have, not just for dogs or cats. Talk to your landlord and find out if there is anything he might be concerned about and don’t forget to get his acceptance in writing.

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